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Picking Today at Shute Fruit and Produce

Summer 2022

We are closed until our raspberries ripen which should be sometime late July 2022.† Please note we no longer grow strawberries.

Until then we are hard at work planting, sowing, weeding, and at this moment, watering, to give all our crops the best start.† We look forward to seeing you soon.† As we get closer to opening this page will be updated weekly.† Once we open Lori really does update it daily!

To keep plastic to a minimum please bring your own containers (we will weigh them before you start).

† The Pick Your Own is a working farm and for your own safety we ask you to keep away from farm machinery, tractors and tools.† Please wear sturdy footwear.† We have thistles, stinging nettles and prickly weeds which are great for our abundant wildlife but not so nice on exposed toes.

Well behaved dogs are welcome, but not amongst the fruit and vegetables.†

Loriís award winning jams, jellies, chutneys, pickles and elderflower cordial are always available


If you wish to place an order please email us at or phone (01626) 777570

Our hand wrapped baskets of preserves are made to order and make delicious presents for all occasions.

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