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Picking Today at Shute Fruit and Produce

Tuesday September 21 2021

Open from 10 am to 6 pm

Autumn Bliss Raspberries: the recent rain hasn’t done them any favours, but there are still plenty of nice ones to choose.  Not suitable for young children nor open toed sandals as they have many prickles

Runner Beans: A limited amount for picking, first come, first served.

Sugar Snap Peas:  Masses of peas with crunchy edible pods, eat raw or cook.  A new crop of very sweet green ones and still some purple podded ones.

Sunflowers: just a few starting to open, most are interesting shades of yellow or orange.

Sweet Peas: With an irresistible aroma and charming colours, perfect for a delicate vase or even a jam jar.

Calendula and Nasturtiums: Dress up a salad with these pretty and edible flowers.

Charlotte New Potatoes: a tasty salad variety, but we find they do well all round too.

Sloes: ready picked only.  If you want more than one bottleful, please order in advance.

Blackberries:  Getting harder to find now, but still delicious.

Rainbow Chard: a perfectly colourful “double vegetable” stems and leaves are tasty as well as beautiful.

Courgettes:  fun yellow and green round ball types, or green and yellow “normal” shaped ones. 

Preserves: Prize winning, handmade selection at the stall made by Lori in our farmhouse kitchen.

Coming soon: multi coloured French beans

To keep plastic to a minimum please bring your own containers (we will weigh them before you start).

Some of our customers bring colanders so they can wash their delicate fruit without further handling. A few bags for vegetables are handy too. 

Remember, if you can’t see any fruit or vegetables at the ripeness you wish, try another patch within the crop or look underneath leaves.

Although we are “outstanding in our field” with literally acres of space, we still follow covid regulations for self distancing and hand washing; wearing a mask is personal choice.  There is no need to book at the present time.

  The Pick Your Own is a working farm and for your own safety we ask you to keep away from farm machinery, tractors and tools.  Please wear sturdy footwear.  We have thistles, stinging nettles and prickly weeds which are great for our abundant wildlife but not so nice on exposed toes.

Well behaved dogs are welcome, but not amongst the fruit and vegetables. 

Lori’s award winning jams, jellies, chutneys, pickles and elderflower cordial are always available


If you wish to place an order please email us at or phone (01626) 777570

Our hand wrapped baskets of preserves are made to order and make delicious presents for all occasions.